Why AZ tower is boring

Some places are friendly and welcoming, some places are definitely not. You will recognize them by lack of parking place for your bicycle, or by lack of pedestrian cross, as this place seems to be cut from other world of human beings. Just like the AZ Tower in Brno.


Do you want to come here again? Me not.


No place to park a bike…


If you don’t own a car, (and a parking place underground) you’re not welcom here anymore.


I just have no idea what it is.

Now you know why AZ Tower is so empty and lifeless. The environment there is just opposite to what people need for comfort living in the city. Every place has a potential to be pleasant and cozy, barrier-free and bike-friendly. It’s a pity, that some developers are building the highest (the biggest, the most expensive…) instead of buiding for better living.

Published for enchancing quality of life.


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