Details make the difference.
Just one lamp above the pedestrian cross will make the drivers be careful when going along the night street.


It’s safe and convinient for everybody.
When approaching the highlightened pedestrian cross, you (as a driver) would mention pedestrians approaching the road and slow down in time. Btw, this place is a large park, where many people of all ages are jogging. So the lamp above the crossing is just as important as a sign.
Lets walk further, you’ll see another (omg, so unsafe) cross…


Invisible pedestrian cross. No wonder it is unsafe and dangerous for everybody. The drivers cannot see approaching pedestrians. Even more the drivers cannot see pedestrians while crossing the road and slow down in time.

Let’s see closer.



The color has almost disappeared, the sign is completely invisible because all of the cars barked before it. For sure you wouldn’t mention both pedestrians and sign; you’ll have no time and bo space to slowdown and stop if any runner would appear there just at the moment you pass the pedestrian cross…

Sad story, ha?
How can we change this? May be you know which institution is responsible for making pedestrian crossings highlightened, especially where it is so needed… don’t hesotate to share your knowledge about this problem and experience in comments.

Published for enchancing quality of life.


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