Crazy cycling paths in Brno

Yes, Brno has many cycling paths. Short, long, safe and unsafe, on the sidewalks and along multi-line roads, most of them are disconnected from each other.


Sometimes you see these explanating tables.


Another plan telling where you can go and where you cannot.


But usually you will see only this sign, telling you to disappear continue going by bicycle along the road. As it is in Svatopluka Čecha street.
Mention, that the sidewalk is wide enough to place beautiful cycling path marks and keep a space for pedestrians too.


This quiet residential street is connecting 2 important cycling paths.
Probably, the safest solution would be to transform the whole street into a bicycle street like here and here.


There is enough space to implment 3-meters ‘red carper’ bicycle street with both direction traffic and 0.75 cm buffer zones from each side of the street, where the locals leave their cars parked. So finally 2 big city districts – Kralové Pole and Žabovřesky – would be connected by the safest bicycle commuting in Brno.

Published for enchancing quality of life.


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