A wrong border.

Usually, most of Brno sidewalks are done in a way, so they are comfortable for everybody walking: old and young, people with carriage, people with luggage, people on bicycle etc. The secret of good sidewalks is that they are pulled down on the same level as the road where it makes sence.


This is an example of good and bad sidewalks in one photo. As you can see, they were repairing something (the pipes) under ground. They had to demolish a part of the sidewalk, so you can see a newely placed black asphalt… and a wrong border too.


No, this hadn’t happen.


How should old people jump over this, ha? Or may be moms will be happy to lift their carriages every time? Or anybody carrying a luggage on wheels? Every second person has experienced a discomfort in his back when lifting a suitcase. Some time ago I’ve got my back block when lifting my luggage just to pass couple of stairs. I had to attend physioterapeut and rehabilitation center after this!


Obviously, this border doesn’t belong here. Nobody would appreciate another impediment on his way.

Brno has so many beautiful sidewalks, it’s a really comfortable city for everybody: there are many lifts and non-barrier crossroads and entrances everywhere. So why should a sidewalk be done in a bad way when it is possible to be done in a good way?

Published for enchancing quality of life.


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